Testimonials 9

"About 3 years ago I fell into what i thought was depression. I remembered looking at myself in the mirror and not knowing the person that was staring back (given that II was very active in H.S), so I decide to do something about. There were many habits that had to change and new ones to be created. About 2 years ago I started to try to make changes. Never really saw much progress. Thinking if I run more and eat less I would get my Cheerleader body I had in H.S. About eight months into my weight loss journey I gave up only down ten pounds. Later, I found Lia's program, and honestly, I hesitated joining. I thought it was another fad diet personal trainer person online. ( I wish I had not hesitated). Like I've told Lia several times, she is amazing! And, she has changed my life for the better. I've gained a new scene of confidence. I'm down 30lbs! But, I'm not at my goal weight, YET! So, if you are looking for a sign this is it! Take a leap, I'm sure glad I did, and join this amazing community of woman that only support one another and respect each other. Thank you Lia for all of the amazing and wonderful things you have done to my life. Truly appreciate you!"


Testimonials 10

"Where do I begin to thank Lia for all the help in learning about fitness and nutrition. I've learned that if it fits your macros, you can have it. The options and support are endless. It's not about restricting yourself, its about finding a balance with not only your food but with life. Lia is such an inspiration in addition to all the lovely ladies in this tight knit group. In this group, we share meal and snack ideas. We are challenged in fun ways and if you stick with this program you will not only see your body transform but also your outlook on life. This had been such a positive experience and I'm so lucky to be a member of Lia Kinn’s program."


Testimonials 8

"I have been a client of Lia’s for about 9 months. In those 9 months I have received an unlimited amount of support, motivation, guidance, cheerleading, expertise, encouragement and truth from Lia! Lia is one of the most motivational people I have ever met!! Her program is SO much more than fitness and nutrition coaching. Lia's program includes kick-ass live work outs; weekly and monthly challenges; FB live videos; community interaction; one-on-one support and motivation; an awesome app where you access your work outs; fun give-aways; accountability; recipes and nutrition education; and all in a safe and secure environment. I am fortunate and proud to call Lia my trainer, coach and friend!"


Testimonials 7

“I remember when I first started with you, I was overwhelmed by hitting macros. I saw each one’s count, and had no idea how to get there. Since then, I’ve found a BUNCH of new, delicious foods that I otherwise would have never even given a second thought, integrated so many new, delicious recipes into my eating routines, and can hit my daily macros without giving it a second thought!  I went from confused to collected food-wise, but also just life-wise!! For the nitty-gritty-day-to-day, you simply do NOT allow us to get bored with your program. The content you create is spectacular. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into your meal ideas, journal prompts, and challenges, and this dedication builds SUCH a strong sense of community among the women with whom you work. Even though I’m currently not with your workout program, I have no doubt that part of your offering is no different than the rest. Furthermore, the content you provide is so informative, and you present it in such a wonderful way, so that we don’t feel overwhelmed, belittled, or scared. And, because you present us with information so wonderfully, it’s easy to unconsciously keep and apply the knowledge we have gained, because we are always aware of the right choices for that moment. Lia’s program provides more than just food and workouts. It’s a mental and spiritual transformation as well. Lia, you are everything I could ask for in a trainer, motivator, and friend. Your attention to detail and ability to make each client feel special about their own journey is unmatched! It never ceases to amaze me how patient and willing to work with me you are. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and all the women  in your program are truly blessed to have a such a gem in their lives. All in all, you push us to be the best versions of ourselves, which is all anyone should strive to be!"


Testimonials 6

"Prior to finding Lia I had been through two coaches left feeling defeated and alone when my results didn’t come as quickly as these coaches had anticipated. I felt like just another Customer. However Lia has taken the time with no perceived rush to take me by the hand, to truly educate me on nutrition, to make sure I’m tending all areas of health, to teach me to value non scale victories as well as being my biggest cheerleader all while simultaneously continuing to challenge me gently. She is one of a Kind and I am beyond grateful to have found her!!!"