Testimonial 1

"The results I have seen by being apart of Lia’s program I would have never seen on my own. I have been dieting for years, trying everything that I could but I was just stuck. I felt like I was doing everything right, eating extremely clean drinking green smoothies, working out, doing research on superfoods to incorporate in my diet but I was not seeing the progress I wanted. I felt like I was blindly going along throwing stuff out there and hoping it stuck. I finally decided enough was enough and I needed help. With Lia’s help I finally feel like I have a direct plan and know exactly what I need to do to hit my goals. My body has been transforming, I haven’t seen my body look like this in years and what’s better, my insides feel just as good. Being apart of the private Facebook group has helped both keep me motivated but has helped with inner beauty. It feels so great to be supported by Lia and all the gals. Such a beautiful group of ladies! I highly recommend the Lia Kinn programs if you are needing the guidance and motivation to attain your goals. You will not regret it!"


Testimonial 2

"Lia is amazing! Since joining her program and starting my weight loss journey I have lost more than just pounds. I have gained a whole new family of wonderful ladies who are on the same journey as I am. Lia is always an email away to help with anything that you need. She is thoughtful and kind. Her recipes are amazing! She takes the time you explain things and help you in any way that she can. Our facebook group is a safe haven and a way for us to hold ourselves accountable. I beyond happy that I found Lia!"


Testimonial 3

"I have been working with Lia since May of 2017 and the changes I have experienced have been amazing. The changes I have made have not only been on the outside but also the inside. I am now more physically fit but I believe in myself. That in itself is something I cannot put a dollar amount on. Lia is a pro at macronutrient coaching along with being a very knowledgeable, personable and dedicated personal trainer. She is responsive and thoughtful in feedback to clients. Additionally, I have never met someone who puts so much of themselves and their time into their clients. You can tell she is personally passionate about her work. With the help of Lia, I have lost ten pounds, gained muscle and was able to master macros. She even offers live workouts, challenges, 1:1 support, monthly newsletters and recipes, a supportive Facebook community and the tools necessary to be a healthier woman. This program is NEVER boring. Lia truly provides individualized support to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals. I cannot stress enough that you need to try her out! You will not be disappointed."


Testimonial 4

"First and foremost, what brought me to Lia was her upbeat, positive attitude and transparency. She's been in my/our situation before, so having that personal experience herself gives her the upper hand in being able to connect to her clients on a deeper level. Through her program, I have learned that it's NOT about restriction and quick fixes, it's SO MUCH MORE than that. There's self development (my personal fave), yummy/simple/good for you recipes, helpful eating out guides, it's truly amazing the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY within your plan. I'm so glad that I have the privilege of being her client and having her guide me through my journey." 


Testimonial 5

"If you’re questioning yourself and whether it’s worth committing to Lia and this process, STOP! It is. Just do it. Take the leap. You’ll thank yourself later. I’ve been a nutrition-only client of Lia’s for about 8 months now. Lia puts SO MUCH of herself into this process and program and, even though we’ve never met, I can just feel how much she cares about each and every one of her clients through our emails and the online group. Your wins are her wins and she’s always there with an idea or an encouraging word when you need it. Plus, January 1st marked the first New Year’s Day in YEARS where I could actually say I weigh less than I did the year before You could be saying the same thing this time next year!"