Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Lean Like Lia?

The Lean Like Lia coaching package is a powerful program that transforms your body, mind, and the way you’ll think about weight loss forever.

Give me a few months, and as your coach, I'll help you lose weight, beat binge eating, become more confident, gain more energy, save time, and so much more. You have no idea how transformative this journey will be.

Having your very own coach is a game changer. It makes a difference when you have someone who cares and is thinking ahead about what you need to reach your goals.

I've created this 4-month program to share every single tool that helped me lose weight and keep it off...and I have it all here ready and waiting just for you.

Over the next 16-weeks, you'll have your very own personal trainer and nutrition coach guiding you every step of the way to your transformation. Having an expert by your side, custom creating your personalized plan every 30 days, ensures you'll know exactly how much to eat, what to eat, and the exact exercises to do to burn fat and build lean muscle so you succeed on this journey.

As your online trainer, I'll hold you accountable with weekly coaching calls, plus you'll have full access to message me (Lia) and my team directly, along with thorough monthly progress check ins and loads of daily tools to help you learn, grow, stay motivated and be more consistent on your weight loss journey.

+ How do I know if this is the right program for me?

Are you struggling with losing weight? Don't quite know what to do to get fit & healthy? Can't stick to a plan for very long and lack the consistency to stay motivated all the way through?

What about time?

Are you low on time and can't spend all day Sunday meal prepping or long hours in the gym?

Then, YES! This program is for you!

I teach women how to stop overeating, beat binge eating, and fall in love with quick exercises so they can stay lean and healthy for life.

I create a custom meal & exercise plan for every one of my clients every single month and they LOVE sticking to it - in fact, they say it's the best diet & exercise program they've ever done.

Why are you wasting time? And how much money have you spent over the years trying to figure this out with no results?

You need this plan. You need me as your coach.

You don't have to do this alone!

Imagine where you'll be 4 months from now?

I lost 45 lbs without eating low calorie or ever exercising in a gym. My diet is flexible and fun and it taught me portion control, how to manage my sugar cravings, and how to make food work FOR me instead of against me.

My workouts are quick and super convenient, done right here at home. I burn fat and tone my body all in 30 minutes a day...and my clients are doing it all along with me.

I'm here to show you how. I'm here to let you in on all of my secrets so you know exactly what to do to have a trasnformation of your own.

With this program, you WILL reach your goals the way I did mine.

I'm gonna help. I got you!

+ Why is the price for Lean Like Lia not listed on your website?

The investment to work with me is based on if and how I can help you which is why it's not listed online anywhere. It's essential that I speak one-on-one with each potential client to see how I can help before giving a quote…

Gals must be the right fit for my program in order to be invited into this experience and have me as their coach and trainer.

That being said, this program IS an investment as you're getting your own personal trainer and nutrition coach for an intimate chapter that guarantees a transformation.

If you’d like to book a Strategy Session to speak with me directly about your goals and my program to see if it’s a good fit, click here.

+ What does Lean Like Lia include?

SO many incredible things! Firstly, a coach (access to Lia) – an expert when it comes to fat loss who not only lost 45 pounds herself but has helped over 1,000 women lose weight enjoyably. As your coach, I’ll answer your questions weekly and make this process fun so you stay motivated, successful, accountable, and confident!

You get:
- Daily nutrition goals (personalized macros)
- 100+ recipes (easy to make, delicious real food)
- New recipe book monthly (eat what Lia's eating)
- Easy-to-follow daily home workout plan via the app
- Accountability group for support
- New custom workout plan each month
- LIVE workouts via FB
- Weekly video coaching with Lia
- Access to client-only portal (videos on nutrition, mindset...)
- Self-development monthly coaching
- Private online community for daily support
- Fun challenges + prizes
& more!

+ Why is there just one program?

Because as my client, I want you to have a full transformation and that requires my eyeballs to be on both your diet and your exercise to control what it is you're doing and teach you how to do it for the best transformation.

This is an all-inclusive club with everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals. I’ll assess your diet and build workouts specifically for you, your schedule, and your long term goals.

As a client, you’ll receive recipes to eat, workouts, stretching videos, 1:1 coaching, and everything else you could possibly need to succeed as part of your monthly coaching program. It's important for me to teach and guide you over the next 16-weeks with everything you need to know about nutrition and exercise so that this becomes the last program for weight loss you ever do.

If you’d prefer to work independently and not have monthly coaching, consider the One-Time Macro Calculation Bundle that includes your custom daily nutrition goals calculated by Lia with helpful tools to get you started.

+ How long will I stay in the program?

This will depend on your starting point and long-term goals. Lean Like Lia is a 16-week program with the option to join our continuation program afterwards, if you choose. Some gals enjoy the accountability and mentorship so much that they want my guidance throughout their maintenance phase. If at any time, you wanted to repurchase and re-join the program, you can do so to expand your knowledge and reach new goals.

+ As a client, will I work with Lia directly?

Oh yes, you’ll get a lot of me in the Lean Like Lia program!

I’ll be hand-calculating your custom nutrition goals and creating your personalized workout plan monthly. I'm active in our FB community daily chatting with clients about questions and seeing their beautiful faces on our weekly coaching calls. You have access to all of my videos any time you're wanting my insight on an important topic you're wondering about. Finally, I also check in with you often to go over your progress, stats, and goals.

+ What kind of results can I expect? How much weight will I lose?

The possibilities are endless and the areas in which you’ll see success are broad. My clients are losing weight, overcoming binge eating, discovering new-found confidence, building self-worth, gaining knowledge and clarity, feeling happier and more energized, enjoying exercise, and so much more…

In terms of weight loss, clients who fully commit to the process are losing 1-3 pounds per week, on average.

+ Do I need coaching?

Everybody can benefit from coaching! Where else do we learn this stuff, right? There’s so much misinformation out there that it’s hard to know exactly what we should be doing for fat loss, especially when we’re doing it on our own. It’s a great feeling when you work with a professional who tells you exactly what to do daily, especially one who's been in your shoes, so that you see results that you haven’t experienced before. Plus, by committing to a few months of change, you’ll feel empowered to make decisions that help you succeed forever.

+ I’m brand new to this for me?

Oh yes! I have everything you need here to understand the process from the start to the finish. You will never be confused by nutrition and macro-tracking again. Lean Like Lia takes you from beginner to pro!

+ What is the difference between Lean Like Lia and the One-Time Macro Calculation?

Lean Like Lia is an intimate program for gals committed to losing weight with the hands-on guidance of a coach for 4-months to guarantee results.

The One-Time Macro Calculation is a one-time purchase for those who want their goals and helpful tools for fat-loss, but prefer to work independently without a coach.

+ But I don’t need help with exercise, just nutrition. What do I do?

We love that you already have a workout plan you trust and enjoy doing!

Although you do not need to use the custom workout plan created for you, we encourage you to do a few of the workouts and see your progress speed up throughout the month. You can, of course, do any exercises outside of the program while being a member of Lean Like Lia. However, we want to teach you about exercise and what's right for you for your long-term goals.

Also, the LK app has workout bonuses, stretching videos, and accountability groups for you to join and log all of your workouts for progress check ins.

+ Do I need a gym membership? What about exercise equipment?

Nope! You do not need a gym membership. The workouts are meant to be done at home but can be done in a gym, if you prefer. In terms of equipment, you don’t need much. Yay! I will design your workouts to be the most effective using little equipment and time. Grab a yoga mat to protect your joints and a set of dumbbells (they sell light and heavy sets inexpensively at Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc), and that’s all you need.

+ Is there a vegan/vegetarian option?

No, this is a non-diet specific membership. Macro tracking, and the custom goals calculated for you, can be followed using any diet or eating style of your preference, however the recipes provided by Lia are not for those living a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

+ Do you work with clients internationally?

Yes! The Lia Kinn programs are available internationally in any country worldwide.

+ Okay, I want in! How do I get started?

Yay! I'm so excited that you want to become a part of this experience and are ready for a transformation.

Remember - coaching spots fill up fast and we have a waitlist, so book a Strategy Session with Lia to get enrolled.

+ I joined Lean Like Lia! Now what?

YAY! Welcome, gf!

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive confirmation of your payment and immediately get an email with your consultation form to begin your weight loss plan – woo!

Soon, you'll welcomed into the Lean Like Lia community as an official member. You’ll receive your welcome email packet so that you can get prepared and select your official start date while I work on building your custom plan.

Within 72-hours, you'll have everything you need to kick off your first month; your custom nutrition goals, personalized workout plan, access to our private Facebook community, and access to your private learning portal.

You’ll move through this program at your own pace while soaking up all the information and fun things that we have in store for you each month. You’ll check into our community daily for motivation, hop on live weekly coaching calls to get your questions answered (by me!), dive into the video series so you learn more about how to make this process easier, take advantage of our workout accountability groups with exercise buddies to help you stay on top of it…it’s all here!

At the end of each month, your progress will be assessed and you’ll receive everything you need to move into the next month with the same level of success; new nutrition goals, a brand new workout plan for the month, new video series, new self-development courses, new challenges, & more.

+ What if I have questions along the way?

You're going to be supported 100%. You'll know what to do and have all of your questions answered - that's the beauty of this program! You're not doing this alone anymore and you'll have me by your side every step of the way to your transformation.

As a client, you'll have direct access to me and my team and will be able to contact us directly via our Facebook community, the Lia Kinn app, or email at

+ Can I cancel in a couple months??

No, upon sign up you're committing to a minimum of 4-months and the program will automatically cancel at the end of your training plan unless you opt in to the continuation program.

Continuation program cancellations must be processed through this website with a 30-day notice.

+ Are there refunds?

No, there are no refunds. Due to the content members receive upon sign up, the value is tremendous – including the custom work your trainer/coach puts into building your plan. Neither monthly membership rates or deposits to reserve you coaching spot are eligible for refunds. Lia Kinn also reserves the right to refuse service.

+ I still don’t know if I should do this…

Girl, this is YOUR time. YOU are worth the investment. YOU are so deserving of this. Invest in yourself and finally change your life for the better, for good! At some point you have jump with both feet – this is THE place for you to do that. You'll never look back!