I help busy career women lose weight eating a flexible diet and doing just 30 minute home workouts.

If binge eating is causing you to stay stuck, my online coaching program is your place to end the struggle for good.

I'm so glad you're here.

A little about me...

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coaching Specialist, and the founder of the Lean Like Lia Online Weight-Loss Coaching Program for women.

But I wasn't always this girl...

4 years ago I was overweight, uncomfortable, and desperate to find a lifestyle that would allow me to lose weight while maintaining my 60-hour work week and being in school full time. And, once I found it, it changed my life forever.

I lost 45 pounds in 6-months tracking my macros and doing just 30-minute at-home weight lifting workouts. I transformed my entire life when I learned how to stop overeating, and beat binge eating. I discovered that losing weight can be manageable for a busy schedule, realistic for my goals, and, dare I say, FUN.

How did this take me so long to discover? How did more women not know about it?? When I found myself asking those questions, I knew I had to share it with the world.

So, I'm here to teach you exactly how to do it too!

Everything that I ever did to lose weight, and everything that I do to keep it off, is all here in this incredible Lean Like Lia program that teaches you all of my secrets and shows you how to build a weight-loss lifestyle that's right for YOU.

Invest in yourself, and our time training together, and see where this transformation takes YOU just a few months from now.

I'm gonna help you have the same success I've had and I can't wait.


I help busy women lose weight:

  • In a fraction of the time

  • With a program that fits your needs

  • Using a realistic plan you can actually see yourself sticking to

  • With workouts you do at home instead of at a gym

  • Eating real food (not diet food)

  • So you never feel restricted or deprived

  • And enjoy being flexible, plus having fun!

I teach women how to: 

  • Stop overeating

  • Break up with Binging

  • Let go of food fear

  • Repair their relationship with food

  • Learn portion control

  • Create self-motivation

  • Stay consistent with a diet & exercise lifestyle

  • Implement successful self-care routines & more!


Meet the rest of the LK team!


Rebekah & Malisa

Our incredible and knowledgable co-trainers, Rebekah & Malisa, are on the LK team to support Lia & clients with accountability and motivation.

Both trainers are Certified Coaches and passionate about health and fitness making them the perfect mentors to teach what they know.

Rebekah specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness, Nutrition, Cycling, CrossFit, Pilates, Zumba, and Kinesis, just to name a few.

Malisa has been using her health & fitness expertise for 10 plus years for personal and professional growth when it comes to her own and others physical transformations!


Emily & Kendall

These gals run the back-end of the Lean Like Lia program like champs and are always there to provide support, organize challenges, and share reminders so you don't miss out on any of the incredible tools, resources, live videos, and challenges we have for you. You'll see their faces a lot throughout our Client-Only Community and they'll always be there with words of advice, encouragement, and motivation as well as to answer any questions you may have.


Are you ready to get Lean Like Lia?